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Final iOS 7 beta rumored to arrive next week, GM build to select partners Sept. 5

While developers are expected to receive the golden master of iOS 7 at Apple's media event on Sept. 10, one last beta build for testing is rumored to arrive next week.

Apple will release a sixth beta of iOS 7 to its development community next week, BGR reported on Thursday. The exact day of the week is unknown, but most beta builds of iOS are released on Mondays.

Beyond that, Apple's employees and select partners are rumored to receive an internal golden master copy on Sept. 5. That's expected to be the same software that will be publicly released later in the month.

Apple is expected to hold a media event on Sept. 10 to introduce new iPhones. It's likely that the company will also issue a golden master build of iOS 7 to developers on that same day, with a public release to arrive soon after.

Last year, Apple issued the golden master of iOS 6 to developers on Sept. 12, the same day the company unveiled the iPhone 5 at a media event. iOS 6 was made available to the public a week later, on Sept. 19.

To date, there have been five betas of iOS 7 made available for testing. The most recent build, released on Tuesday, Aug. 6, featured a new setting that allows users to disable access to Control Center from within apps.