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Apple's Developer Center to undergo scheduled downtime on Saturday

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Exactly one week after Apple restored Developer Center services from an extended self-imposed downtime, the portal will be again be taken offline for what the company is calling a "brief scheduled maintenance."

Word of the scheduled downtime went out early Saturday morning — the same day maintenance is to take place — in a short email to developers.

As seen above, not much is revealed about the shutdown beyond a date and time. Both the developer website and program services will be down from 6 p.m. PST for an unspecified amount of time.

Apple sent out similar emails to developers last Saturday announcing the restoration of services after a three-week downtime caused by a security breach in July. From what little is known of the extended outage — Apple remains mum on what exactly happened — an "intruder" gained access to the website and was able to extract sensitive user account information. Although the data was encrypted, Apple's developer portal was taken offline on Jul. 18.

One week later, Apple started to bring vital areas of the system back online and continued to roll out resources until full functionality was restored on Aug. 10.

It is currently not known if today's scheduled maintenance is connected to the security breach.