Judge denies Samsung a retrial over contentious Apple 'rubber-banding' patent

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Judge Lucy Koh handed down a ruling on Thursday denying Samsung's motion to retry a high-profile patent case between the two rivals based on changes to the scope of Apple's so-called "rubber-banding" scrolling patent.

Apple scored another victory on Thursday in the legal wrangling surrounding its lawsuit against Samsung when Judge Lucy Koh denied Samsung's request for a retrial on the Korean company's infringement of Apple's rubber-banding patent, known colloquially as the '381 patent, according to FOSS Patents.

The patent, which covers the rebounding effect seen when a user scrolls to the end of a list on an Apple device, was a key piece of Apple's 2012 victory in the lawsuit. The United States Patent and Trademark office tentatively rejected all claims in the patent in April of this year, but was confirmed by the government agency in June.

In her ruling, Judge Koh also confirmed that a limited retrial to adjust the amount of damages awarded to Apple will proceed. Judge Koh has already cut the award, originally set by the jury at more than $1 billion, by more than 40 percent.


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