Dropbox for Mac update brings iPhoto imports, screenshot uploading

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Popular cloud storage service Dropbox on Monday announced an update that will give Mac users new capabilities when it comes to uploading, storing, and sharing both screenshots and iPhoto libraries.

Dropbox Version 2.4.0 for Mac adds the ability to automatically save screenshots captured on a Mac to a connected Dropbox account. Upon doing so, Dropbox automatically creates a link to the screenshot and copies it to the user's clipboard, so that it can be shared with ease.

The update also allows users to copy their iPhoto libraries to Dropbox via a built-in importer tool. Upon first use, the application creates a top-level Dropbox "Photos" folder, where the iPhoto copies will be stored whenever an import is initiated. It automatically arranges photos into subfolders corresponding to the events in a user's iPhoto library.

The feature is compatible with iPhoto 7.0 and up, but is unavailable if the Dropbox desktop app is linked to a Dropbox for Business account, or if a user already has a folder dedicated to their iPhoto library.

In addition to the above features, version 2.4.0 also adds OS X 10.9 Mavericks support and, according to Dropbox's release notes, has much faster upload and download speeds for large files. Version 2.4.0 of Dropbox for Mac is available for download from Dropbox's site.