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RadioShack and Walmart match Best Buy's $50 iPhone 5c discount

Following a move by big box retailer Best Buy, RadioShack and Walmart have announced they too will be slashing prices on Apple's mid-range iPhone, the iPhone 5c, putting the on-contract price for the device at or below $50.

The two retailers revealed their discount prices for the iPhone 5c on Friday, with RadioShack announcing that it will begin matching Best Buy's iPhone 5c deal on Saturday. In-store iPhone 5c purchasers will be able to get a $50 gift card applicable toward the purchase of their device. For an on-contract 5c, that will bring the cost to $50. RadioShack's promotion will run through November 2.

Meanwhile, Walmart has announced that its already discounted iPhone 5c will now sell for $45. In dropping the price to $45, Walmart has knocked nearly 50 percent off of an on-contract price that was already $20 lower than the cost to purchase the phone through Apple and most other outlets.

Friday's announcements mean the polycarbonate-backed iPhone 5c is now available for $50 or less at three retailers: Best Buy, RadioShack, and Walmart. Customers taking advantage of those deals are still eligible to participate in the iPhone trade-in programs available at all three chains, earning up to $300 in store credit for an older model iPhone. The trade-in initiative is only available in select locations.