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After mixup, T-Mobile promises everyone gets 200MB of free iPad data

In a tweet on Friday, T-Mobile CEO John Legere explained that an "executional mistake" caused some iPad Air buyers to see a $10 per month fee attached to their new tablets, contradicting the "uncarrier's" announced offer of 200MB of free data.

T-Mobile iPad

Without going into detail, Legere assured customers that the promised 200MB of data are indeed free to all comers, and said the issue would be rectified shortly.

According to reports, many of those seeing the added $10 monthly charge are existing T-Mobile cellphone subscribers, suggesting the issue lies with accounting methods not meant to be seen by customers.

Shortly after Apple announced the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display last week, T-Mobile announced plans to offer an unprecedented 200MB of free data for the tablets. Of the top four U.S. telecoms, T-Mobile is the only carrier to provide a free data tier, with AT&T charging $14.99 for a similar 250MB per month. Sprint also has a $15 plan, but offers substantially more data at 1GB.

At least one model of T-Mobile's cellular-capable iPads was the first to sell out, with the Online Apple Store showing 5 to 10 day shipping estimates for the largest 128GB space gray Air.