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Another questionable report of iPhone 5c production cuts emerges from China

Chinese technology blogs are once again abuzz with rumors that Apple has cut iPhone 5c production orders due to lackluster demand for the polycarbonate devices.

iPhone 5c

According to the report, which first surfaced on Chinese website C Technology, Apple has winnowed production of the 5c from more than 300,000 units per day after its launch to less than 100,000 units per day now. The site also notes that some are concerned Apple may cancel the device altogether, but is unlikely to do so until late in 2014.

The same website reported initial cuts to 150,000 units per day in October. The iPhone 5c's sales volume has been the subject of intense debate since the phone's unveiling alongside the flagship iPhone 5s in September, with rumors of sagging demand cropping up just days after the two new handsets went on the market.

This most recent rumor flies in the face of reports that emerged last week, suggesting that Apple is in the midst of certifying new manufacturing partners to boost production of the iPhone 5c.