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Apple updates iMovie for Mac with support for older video cards

Apple on Wednesday released an update to its consumer-level video editing and management software iMovie for Mac, adding support for machines running legacy video cards.

iMovie for Mac version 10.0.1 comes two months after Apple first announced the latest major revision to the software, which introduced an all-new look for OS X 10.9 Mavericks, along with hefty feature additions.

In today's update, Apple has expanded compatibility with more Macs, allowing those with legacy machines to install and use the app with older video cards. In addition, the new software addresses a reliability issue that would cause issues when updating projects and events created in previous versions of iMovie.

When Apple debuted iMovie for Mac version 10 in September, the company announced that its iLife and iWork suites would go free.

Along with the rollout of iMovie for Mac, Apple also debuted iMovie Theater, which allows users to share clips, trailers and movies across devices. The service is based in iCloud and can be accessed from nearly all Apple products, including a dedicated channel on the Apple TV.

iMovie for Mac version 10.0.1 comes in at 1.94GB and can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store.