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First look: iOS-connected smart watches, health trackers, home automation from Archos

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Archos is hitting the wearable devices market hard in 2014, with a new range of products showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show capable of connecting to Apple's iOS mobile platform via Bluetooth Low Energy.

A total of three new smart watch models from Archos were showcased to AppleInsider on Wednesday in Las Vegas., Nev. All three products are based on the same basic technology, but will offer different capabilities in terms of battery life and screen technology.

The cheapest model will sell for $50 and will feature a black-and-white display much like the Pebble watch. This low-tech display will allow the device to sport a lengthy 1.5-week-long battery life on a single charge, the company claims.


A second model will be available for $100 featuring a color LCD touchscreen. This more power-intensive display will offer one to two days of battery life on a charge.


Finally, the high-end Archos smart watch will sell for $129, and will feature an e-ink curved display. This top-of-the-line iOS accessory will also sport an advertised battery life of 1.5 weeks.

Archos representatives said they see the growing smart watch market as a place where users want to extend their smartphone screen. The accessories will display time, customizable iPhone notifications, media control and more.

But Archos isn't stopping at the wrist when it comes to wearable devices. The company also has an iPhone-compatible pedometer, a blood pressure monitor, and a connected scale all coming this year.


All three accessories will connect to the same application which will be available on the iOS App Store. And the devices will also remember recorded stats until they are synced, so no data is lost if a user's iPhone isn't near by.

Like other, existing pedometers, Archos's product will measure distance walked and calories burned, and it will sell for $50. The scale will determine fat mass in addition to weight, and will be available for $50. The blood pressure monitor is set to have a price of $65.

Finally, Archos is looking to bring the whole package together with system of connected/automated home devices that interface with both iOS and the company's proprietary Android-based Smart Home Tablet.


The setup is structured around connected sensors, like a motion sensor, indoor/outdoor camera, weather monitor and even a tracking tag that attaches to pets. The motion sensors, for example, can detect when a window or door is opened, or keep tabs on activities within the house.

As for home automation, the French company is planning a variety of plugs to allow users remote control access of lights and other appliances. These sets can be controlled via the iOS app, while more advanced functions require the dedicated Smart Home Tablet.