Apple's Tim Cook met with Samsung CEO in failed attempt to resolve patent dispute

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Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung mobile chief Shin Jong-Kyun met in the U.S. last week but were unable to hammer out an agreement that would end their long-running intellectual property battle, Korean media reported on Friday.

Samsung would not confirm the outcome of the meeting or if it actually took place, according to ZDNet Korea. A U.S. court had ordered the two parties to meet and discuss a settlement in advance of a new trial set to start next month.

Lawyers from both sides met Jan. 6 to work out a framework for the mediation session. Under that agreement, the session was to take place by Feb. 19 while each party's CEO and three to four in-house counsel were to be in attendance.

This would not be the first time executives from two of the world's largest electronics companies met but failed to make peace. Cook previously met with Shin and Samsung Vice Chairman Choi Gee-sung in July of 2012 in advance of the landmark Apple v. Samsung case which resulted in an award of nearly $1 billion after Samsung was found to infringe on Apple's intellectual property.

The new trial, set to begin March 31, looks to build on the previous case as the companies will argue over newer products like Apple's iPhone 4S and Samsung's Galaxy Nexus III. Apple marketing vice president Phil Schiller and former iOS chief Scott Forstall are both once again slated to stand as witnesses alongside outside experts and various other executives from both companies.


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