Apple's Schiller to retake stand in second Apple v. Samsung trial, Forstall waits in wings

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Apple's Phil Schiller is set to reprise his role as a witness in the second California Apple v. Samsung patent trial, while ousted iOS chief Scott Forstall is on both parties' lists for possible deposition and live testimony.

In a pair of court filings on Thursday, Apple and Samsung entered their initial witness lists for the parties' upcoming patent trial scheduled for the end of March. The case once again involves alleged-infringed patents and last-generation hardware, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook Pro and various Samsung Galaxy devices.

Samsung is once again looking to call Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller up to the stand to discuss a wide range of topics, including the "design, development, promotion, marketing, advertising, consumer demand for, and sales of the iPhone." The executive is also on Apple's list of witnesses it expects to call on during the trial.

Schiller was a key witness during post-trial proceedings in the landmark Apple v. Samsung jury trial. When he took the stand, the companies were fighting over $400 million worth of damages vacated by the court due to jury miscalculations.

As for Forstall, the ousted Apple exec is on Samsung's witness list for possible testimony by deposition, while Apple "may call" him to testify live in court. Forstall was previously named as a possible witness in the vacated damages proceedings, but neither party called him to the stand.

Other notable potential witnesses for Samsung include Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle and Apple VP of iOS and iPhone Marketing Greg Joswiak, while Apple has a few Samsung licensing executives lined up for questions on FRAND patent compliance.

The second California Apple v. Samsung trial is slated to start on Mar. 31.