Moga teases new Bluetooth game controller for Apple's iOS ahead of possible March unveiling

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Mobile gaming accessory company Moga is set to add a wireless Bluetooth option to its iOS game controller lineup at next month's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco after offering a glimpse of the new device in a teaser image.

The controller in the image sports a design similar to Moga's Pro Power controller for Android devices, including a front-facing multi-LED battery meter. TouchArcade was first with news of the device, which the publication believes — based on lettering visible in the image — will be dubbed the "Rebel."

Also shown are two thumbsticks, a four-way directional pad, four action buttons, a pause button, and a recessed Bluetooth sync button. The middle of the controller appears to be dedicated to a fold-out clip that could hold an iPhone or iPod touch in place during gaming sessions.

Moga's first "Made for iPhone" game controller, the Ace Power, hit shelves last December. AppleInsider found it to be a functional controller that enhanced gameplay on the iPhone, but with a flimsy construction that did not justify its $100 price tag. The cost of the Moga Ace Power has since dropped to $80.

The Rebel would be the third Bluetooth controller for Apple's mobile devices to debut this year. SteelSeries unveiled the bite-sized Stratus in January, days before Signal did the same with the RP One.


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