Adobe Voice for iPad combines user narration and simple animations to create impactful videos

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Adobe Voice is a free iPad app that allows users to "show their story" by streamlining the process of overlaying a customizable voiceover track atop a variety of animated images, music, icons, text, themes and more.

Officially named Adobe Voice - Show Your Story, the iPad-only app is distinct from other video creation software in that no "filming" is actually needed to produce a high quality clip.

While the creation process is largely automated, the finished result is one with which many people are likely familiar. A narrator tells their story over a bed of music, accompanied by static images or simple animations drawn in bold colors.

The style is simple but effective and has been used in a wide array of scenarios, from product pitches on Kickstarter to TV commercials for big-name corporations. For example, non-profit organizations often use the kitschy style to produce simple, yet impactful, statements on the environment.

With Voice, similar results can be reached through an automated system that walks users through the process step by step.

First, users choose a story template in which pages are laid out in a type of storyboard on which text, icons and photos can be added. Images can be selected from a user's camera roll, Dropbox or social network account, as well as licensed photos Adobe provides rights free from various artists. Advanced users may create their own layout if they so choose.

Fittingly, the main component of Voice is a user's voice. On each page a microphone icon appears that records narration line by line with a "tap-and-hold" gesture. The audio is then overlaid atop the animated imagery that is automatically trimmed to length. Users can also choose from a list of included music that will serve as the video's audio foundation.

Finally, Adobe presents 30 themes that automatically generate text, colors and animations that give each slide a distinct style.

Once a story is complete it can be uploaded to Adobe's servers for private viewing via link or made public in a special gallery. Sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, email and text message.

Adobe Voice is a free 217MB download for iPad available now from the App Store.


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