Study: iPhone users fly in planes and drink wine, Android users prefer the bus and beer

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A report comparing and contrasting iPhone and Android user demographics reveals a few interesting tidbits about owners of devices running the two rival smartphone platforms.

According to research from venture capital firm Battery Ventures, there is some merit to the idea that iPhones are used by a white collar crowd, while Android favors the blue collar set. Or at least that's what the study's creator Jonathan Sills found in certain circumstances, reports Re/Code

The study was conducted to better understand smartphone user demographics, information that is invaluable to targeted marketing. By knowing what kind of person is using a particular hardware platform, advertisers can more effectively sink resources into curated ads.

"You would think iPhone users are all pinot-drinking yoga enthusiasts," Sills said of the stereotype assigned to Apple product users. His findings support the convention, but only to a certain degree.

Extracting information from a set of survey questions, iPhone users are more likely to have flown in an airplane in the past year, drink wine and have investments in the stock market. Android users, on the other hand, take public transportation, prefer beer, consider themselves religious and have eaten at McDonalds within the last month.

Metrics that were found to be somewhat equally represented between the two groups include owning a firearm, watching Fox News and owning a house.

Sills points out, however, that the apparent differences becoming less distinct when factoring in adjustments for income. Despite what some in the tech community have to say about iPhone and Android "fanboys," it seems most users may not be so different after all.