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Samsung's latest Apple-targeting ad slams battery life, calls iPhone users 'wall huggers'

Samsung on Thursday took its latest shot at Apple, in a new minute-long advertisement that refers to iPhone users as "wall huggers," suggesting they're constantly tethered to an outlet to keep their handset charged.

The new ad, embedded below, was posted to the official Samsung Mobile USA YouTube account. It's in the same style as previous iPhone-bashing ads that Samsung has paid to air on primetime television in America.

The latest ad shows iPhone 5s owners plugged into outlets at various locations within an airport. The ad suggests that iPhone owners must hang out on "stained carpeting and bathrooms" to ensure their handset has enough juice to keep operating throughout a full day.

At one point, an iPhone user sitting against the airport wall notes that a new model is coming out soon, while a person nearby chimes in that they "hope it has a better battery."

While iPhone users are stuck in inconvenient places, the ad shows people with Samsung's latest Galaxy S5 enjoying their device while Apple owners look on with envy. One Galaxy S5 owner checks her phone and sees she has only 10 percent battery remaining, but the device's battery-saving mode estimates that she has a full day of standby time left.

Another iPhone user is shown being envious of a Samsung device user who is swapping out the battery on their handset. The ad concludes by telling consumers to "not be a wall hugger," and instead opt for the Galaxy S5, with its swappable battery and ultra power saving mode.

The commercial is the latest in a series of Samsung ads poking fun at Apple. The campaign began in 2012, when Samsung lampooned Apple fans waiting in line for the iPhone 5 as onlookers enjoyed their already-available Galaxy S III. The ads feature the tagline: "The next big thing is here."