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Peter Molyneux brings Godus to iOS, Yelp gets Bing Translator, Foursquare adds personalization

iPhone and iPad owners can now use Apple's mobile devices to play God with the release of Peter Molyneux's Godus, read business reviews in different languages with Yelp's new built-in Bing translate capabilities, and receive personalized recommendations with Foursquare.


With Godus, players are asked to take control of an entire world and lead its inhabitants through the many stages of discovery. As God, players can sculpt the land, tell followers what to do, and generally "nurture the growth of a civilization as it rises from the dawn of the primitive age and advances throughout the ages of humanity."

Players can also choose to be vindictive, raining down catastrophes like meteor showers and wildfires.

Godus version 1.2 is available now as a free, 91.5-megabyte download from the App Store.


With built-in translation, Yelp users will be able to automatically read reviews from others who may not necessarily speak the same language. Users can translate reviews individually, or see all reviews for an establishment translated at the same time.

The company says the new translation features will work with any of the app's currently supported languages, including English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, French, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, and Japanese.

At press time, the new Yelp version was still rolling out around the world, but will be available as a free download from the App Store.


Foursquare users can now tailor Foursquare recommendations based on their likes and dislikes. Users could tell the app they like places with "whiskey" or "outdoor seating," for instance.

In addition, users can leave tips for others. Tips —such as good menu items —will automatically be surfaced as users enter the establishment, and tips from people that users follow will be shown above others.

Foursquare version 8.0.0 is available now as a free, 26.4-megabyte download from the App Store.