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Apple releases 7th preview of OS X Yosemite to developers

The next version of Apple's desktop operating system drew closer to release on Tuesday as the company pushed OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 7 to registered Apple developers.

The update, which Apple as usual says is "recommended for all users," can be downloaded via the Mac App Store or from Apple's developer portal. It has not been made available to members of the Yosemite public beta program, who were given access to a second prerelease version in late August.

In an accompanying seed note, the company cautions that developers will not be automatically logged in after installation of Developer Preview 7. Those with the FileVault disk encryption service enabled will find their system shut down if they do not login shortly after the reboot.

Apple also continues to acknowledge issues with Family Sharing, Gatekeeper, Handoff, iCloud Drive, Aperture, iPhoto, and Safari. Shared purchase history remains disabled on the Mac App Store, for instance, while using Handoff to pass an untitled TextEdit document between two Macs may not work properly.

In addition, Apple's photography applications may exhibit user interface issues like clipped text improperly displayed checkboxes. Importing and exporting could also be slower than normal.

Web developers, meanwhile, should take care to test their websites thoroughly in Safari. Subpixel rendering is now on by default, which may cause layout issues in sites with tight design constraints.

Accompanying the new Yosemite beta are updated beta versions of Xcode 6, OS X Server 4.0, and Apple Configurator 1.7.