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Apple caters to minimalists by offering blank home screen option in iOS 8

Users looking for fewer distractions on their iPhone, or those who simply want to provide a better look at their wallpaper, can choose to have a blank first home screen in Apple's newly released iOS 8 update.

Achieving a minimalist home screen in iOS 8 is easy: Simply drag all of the app icons to the second page. Users can leave apps in the dock at the bottom of the screen, or make that empty as well.

Users were previously able to create a blank home screen in iOS 7, but this was accomplished through a glitch that occurred when reorganizing home screens through iTunes. With iOS 8, no connection to iTunes is necessary.

While the first home screen in iOS 8 can be left empty, others cannot. Attempting to create a blank screen in between pages of apps simply removes the blank page. At least one application is required to keep a page active.

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