How to find the lowest prices on Apple's Macs and iPads this Black Friday

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While Apple has again chosen to forgo offering discounts on its products this Black Friday in favor of offering iTunes Gift Cards, many Apple Authorized Resellers and big-box retailers are competing aggressively for the business of Apple shoppers. Here's how to quickly and easily find the lowest prices anywhere on your iPad or Mac of choice.

As is the case all year round, AppleInsider aims to make it simple to nail down the best deals by tracking pricing and availability of Apple's entire Mac and iPad product lines in its live Apple Price Guides, which update continuously to reflect price adjustments and stock outs. Your lowest net prices will always be in bold, and any tax-related savings or coupon discounts are explained at the top and bottom of the guides.


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Mac with AppleCare Protection

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AppleInsider and Apple Authorized Reseller Adorama is also running an exclusive promotion today that will not only deliver the lowest price anywhere on 99% of Macs that come bundle with AppleCare, it also throws in an Apple TV completely free.

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