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Samsung argues for reversal of Apple's $930M patent infringement award

During an appearance before a U.S. appeals court on Thursday, lawyers for Samsung sought to have vacated the $930 million judgement awarded to Apple earlier this year in a landmark patent infringement lawsuit, saying the sum was "absurd."

Samsung attorney Kathleen Sullivan argued that the South Korean company's handsets could not have infringed Apple's design or trade dress patents because they did not feature, among other things, an Apple logo or an iPhone-like home button, according to Reuters. She then reportedly compared the basis of the award —  all of Samsung's profits from each of the offending devices —  to "awarding entire profits on a car because of an infringing cup holder."

"Apple was awarded Samsung's total profits on those (Samsung) phones, which was absurd," Sullivan is quoted as telling the judges. Apple attorney William Lee shot back, saying the iPhone "is not the cup holder."

"What Samsung is actually asking you to do ... is to substitute yourself for Judge Koh and the jury," Lee added.

Samsung was first found guilty of infringement in 2012 and ordered to pay Apple $1.05 billion. Presiding Judge Lucy Koh then struck some $450 million off of that award and set a retrial to reassess the damages, which a later jury ultimately set at $290 million.

There is no word on when the appellate court will rule.