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Chevron to support Apple Pay at the pump in early 2015 [u]

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Chevron will expand Apple Pay support from inside its convenience stores to the pump, allowing drivers to refill and pay with their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Apple is working directly with Chevron, the gas company revealed through its official Twitter account Monday afternoon, to bring Apple Pay support. The company hopes to have its systems in place for Apple Pay to be used at the pump by early 2015.

Chevron has been an early adopter of Apple Pay, and supported the tap-to-pay service at its stores and Texaco Extra Mile locations when it debuted in October. However, until now, Chevron customers have only been able to pay when they enter the convenience store, as support for Apples NFC payment service is not yet available at gas pumps.

Chevron is currently the only gas and oil company listed among the official Apple Pay partners.

The announcement from Chevron comes on the heels of a report that said Apple is currently in talks with United Kingdom banks, looking to launch Apple Pay in the country in early 2015. With pay at the pump support and international expansion in the works, the start of 2015 could see major advances for the Apple Pay service.

In addition, while Apple Pay is currently limited to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, support will also be integrated in the upcoming Apple Watch, set to debut in early 2015. With the Apple Watch, owners of older iPhones, including the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5, will be able to gain Apple Pay support when paired with legacy devices.

Update: Chevron clarified via Twitter that it plans to integrate Apple Pay at the pump, but has no specific timeline on the rollout. In a separate tweet, the company noted a continued effort to roll out the service for in-store sales by year's end.