Lightning-connected headphones proliferate with new models from Philips and JBL

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Six months after Apple first announced a program that would allow headphone manufacturers to connect their cans directly to an iOS device's Lightning port, the first models to take full advantage of the Lightning port's capabilities are being shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The two new models —  JBL's Reflect Aware in-ear version and Philips's Fidelio NC1L on-ears —  not only draw audio signals from the Lightning port, but power as well. That enables both sets to provide active noise canceling without the need for batteries.

JBL's Reflect Aware are designed for athletes, with a system that JBL says is the first to specifically allow the mixing of ambient sounds with active noise cancellation. This could allow runners, for instance, to hear a car horn but remove engine noises when running on the road.

Reflect Aware also features a four-button remote control and a "rugged, sweat-proof design." There is no word yet on availability, but they will come in at $149.99 when they do go on sale.

Philips's Fidelio NC1L, meanwhile, is the company's second set of Lightning-connected headphones. They announced the Fidelio M2L last September, though the earlier model has yet to ship in the U.S.

Like its predecessor, the NC1L features a 24-bit DAC. The NC1L adds active noise cancellation — powered by the Lightning connector —  with four microphones that analyze the environment inside and outside the earcups.

Philips expects the NC1L to hit North American shores in April with a suggested retail price of $299.

At press time, AppleInsider had not yet been able to confirm if either of these headphones could be used with a standard headphone jack, either through an adapter or other means.