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Hands-on: Elgato Eve smart home modules and Avea mood light

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Earlier this week, Elgato announced a new smart home product ecosystem called Eve. The company brought a few Eve modules, as well as other devices, set for imminent release to CES, offering AppleInsider a first-hand look.

Out of the six Eve system products announced on Monday, four were demoed on the showroom floor, including Eve Energy, Eve Weather, Eve Door and Window, and Eve Room.

Eve Energy is designed to fit between a wall outlet and an electrical device to measure energy use and facilitate remote on/off control via smartphone app, while Eve Door and Window can send out an alert when it determines that a window or door is ajar. Eve Weather incorporates special sensors to monitor temperature, barometric pressure and humidity outdoors, while Eve Room does the same for indoors and adds on air quality readings.

Availability for Eve Energy and Eve Door and Window is expected later this quarter, with other modules priced between $50 and $120 to follow.

Finally, Elgato had its Avea dynamic multicolored mood light on display, an LED bulb that accepts control commands via Bluetooth. Users are able to set their lights once through the provided app and let Avea take care of the rest without constant communication. Preset parameters include a programmed wake-up sequence and automated linking with other Avea bulbs.

Avea is available now for $39.95 through Elgato's website.