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Apple slashes Apple TV set-top box price to $69

With over 25 million Apple TV units sold to date, Apple on Monday announced a price cut for its diminutive streaming set-top box, which is now available for $69.

Down from its previous price of $99, the $30 price cut applies to the same legacy hardware that Apple has continued to offer for years. In that time, Apple has gradually added new content options to the device.

Coming soon to Apple TV is HBO Now, a subscription plan for the premium network that will allow viewers to "cut the cord" and access HBO without a cable subscription. It was announced on Monday that HBO Now will debut in April exclusively on Apple devices, in time for the Game of Thrones season five premiere on April 12.

This includes not just the Apple TV but iOS devices by way of an upcoming app.

The Apple TV has changed price considerably over the years. The first-generation model, released in 2007 with a built-in hard drive, started at $299. It dropped to $229 in 2008, and hit the $99 mark with the debut of the second-generation model in 2010.