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Apple Watch support comes to flurry of iPhone apps ahead of April launch

A collection of iPhone apps — such as Evernote, Dark Sky, and the New York Times — were updated today to support the Apple Watch, even though the wearable isn't shipping until April 24.

Evernote has updated its app to allow voice search and dictation through the Watch. Dictated notes will be automatically transcribed and synced. Alternately users will be able to browse recent notes, as well as create and view reminders.

Dark Sky will send weather notifications to the Watch and display a five-day forecast, while the New York Times app will push news stories.

Sky Guide will show a calendar of celestial happenings and trigger notifications whenever one is imminent, such as a local flyover of the International Space Station. The Target app will help create shopping lists, check deals and store hours, and locate items within an outlet.

Some other Watch-related updates include Expedia, Things, Transit, At Bat, and SPG, the latter of which is bringing promised check-in and door unlocking functions for hotels.