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Apple preparing for 'major, major' datacenter expansion in Oregon - report

Apple's Prineville facility

Apple is set to follow through on expansion plans for its $250 million datacenter in Prineville, Oregon, a Wednesday report suggests, after the Oregon legislature resolved a tax issue that could have tacked millions of dollars onto Apple's bills in the future.

The facility, which already totals nearly 340,000 square feet, could double in size. Apple had previously put these plans —  which were initially revealed in 2013 —  on hold pending a resolution to the tax issue, according to The Oregonian.

Apple is among a number of companies with Oregon outposts, including Facebook and Amazon, that were taken aback by a 2014 change to the state's property tax valuation methodology that could have seen their tax bills explode following the expiration of their current tax breaks.

Now, Apple is "planning on a major, major expansion," Crook County administrator Judge Mike McCabe said. "The haven't shared [their strategy] with us," he added, "and we haven't seen the plans."

That could include the building of a second, like-sized facility and the construction of a major solar plant to power it, which Apple was reportedly planning to break ground on before the tax issue cropped up. The company has already acquired a small hydroelectric project near the existing facility to add to its clean energy sources.