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First Apple Watch deliveries received in Australia, developers selected for expedited shipping program

Source: Mel Firbank via Instagram

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It's just after 9 a.m. in Australia and that means the first wave of Apple Watch orders are reaching customers' hands, marking an official rollout of the first product developed entirely under Apple CEO Tim Cook.

After weeks of anticipation, Australian Apple Watch buyers who preordered the device on April 10 started to receive their units on Friday, local time. As seen above, new owners are posting photographs of the sacred unboxing process to social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Customers in other countries should start seeing packages show up on their doorstep in the next few hours as Apple Watch's nine-country rollout continues. Apple has limited purchases to the Online Apple Store, meaning prospective buyers won't be able to pick one up at the nearest brick-and-mortar Apple Store. Select high-end fashion boutiques in Europe, Asia and the U.S. are expected to have limited supply on hand for in-store retail sale on April 24.

Source: Beau Giles via Twitter

In addition to Australian buyers, developers who signed up for a chance at a special Apple Watch allotment are beginning to receive word on acceptance results. Earlier this week, Apple announced it would make a limited number of 42mm Apple Watch models available for purchase by members of the development community. Developers were selected at random and will receive their Watch in the next few days thanks to a guaranteed ship-by date of April 28.

Apple Watch is the first device to have entered the development cycle after cofounder Steve Jobs died in 2011. As such, its sales performance is being closely watched by analysts as a potential bellwether of Apple's future success.