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Data suggests just 376,000 Apple Watch preorders delivered over launch weekend

Only about 22 percent — or 376,000 — of U.S. Apple Watch preorders actually shipped between Friday and Sunday during the device's launch weekend, according to estimates produced by research firm Slice Intelligence.

Slice's data comes from analyzing the electronic receipts of some 2 million participating shoppers. In all the firm projects that 1.7 million Apple Watches have been ordered in the U.S. so far, based on recording 10,744 Watch transactions.

Within the projected figure, 547,000 Watches are expected to ship between today and June 11. Dates have allegedly yet to be issued for another 639,000 units. The next large batches should be delivered on May 27 and 28, with potentially over 430,000 arriving on the 27th alone.

Approximately 33 percent of orders are due to ship in April, followed by 28 percent in May, and 1 percent in June. Those figures could change drastically however, given the remaining 38 percent of orders with uncertain delivery windows.

In fact, some buyers have indicated that their delivery dates are being moved up, MacRumors reported on Monday. A few people with June dates have been given updated targets between May 14 and 20, or May 28 and June 10.

Shipping times appear to linked closely to the Watch models involved. Steel models with link bracelets or space black coatings for example appear to be facing four- to six-week delays, pushing them into late May at the earliest.