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Apple's App Store review delays temporarily ground DJI's new Phantom 3 drone [u]

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An apparently lengthy and stringent Apple App Store review process has held up the release of an app required to connect iOS devices to DJI's Phantom 3 drone camera, leading to frustration among owners of the new device.

Those among the first to get the newly released Phantom 3 have found that they can't connect their iPhone or iPad to the drone with the existing DJI application. A support representative for the company took to the forums on Tuesday to inform users that the hold-up is on Apple's end.

"Unfortunately we are again at the mercy of Apple," the support rep said. "The app was submitted in a timely fashion but they continue to make their requirements more stringent with every submission. I was told that it should be on the Apple store shortly."

He added: "We are sorry, we thought we had plenty of time, but Apple changed that on us."

In the interim, owners of the new Phantom 3 have been advised to use an Android device, if they can, to interact with the Phantom 3. The latest version of DJI's app is already available on the Google Play Store.

Apple's App Store review process has always been somewhat controversial among some developers, who have criticized the company for inconsistent application of rules and lengthy review times. Such delays can cause headaches for companies and users, who may need new software to address serious bugs or add new features.

In the case of the Phantom 3, the drone's live camera feed and controls are unusable without the updated application, which will apparently be made available whenever it receives Apple's approval. Until then, the device, which starts at $999, won't offer iOS connectivity.

DJI unveiled the new Phantom 3 earlier this month, featuring improved specifications, longer flight time, tighter integration with Apple's iOS, and a lower entry price. It's available to purchase direct from DJI.

Update: DJI later changed its stance and blamed the delay on internal miscommunication, saying an engineer had "made a misstatement" to Apple. The companies are working together to solve the problem.