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Rumor: Purported industrial renderings of Apple's 'iPad Pro' back 12.9-inch display

An alleged industrial rendering of Apple's rumored "iPad Pro" was leaked on Friday, supporting rumors that the tablet will use a 12.9-inch screen instead of a less-frequently claimed 12.2-inch version.

In terms of length, width, and thickness, the rendering —obtained by, and said to date back to December —indicates dimensions of 305.7 by 222.6 by 7.2 millimeters, or 12 by 8.7 by 0.28 inches. That's enough space to fit a 12.9-inch screen, measured diagonally.

The image also supports rumors that the new tablet will have four speaker ports split between top and bottom, allowing for stereo audio when holding the Pro in landscape mode. It is however missing a side-facing port seen in some leaks, which has sometimes been suspected as a second Lightning port or a USB-C connection.

So far, the 12-inch MacBook is the only Apple device to support USB-C.

Specifications for the device remain uncertain. Some rumors have given it an A8X processor like the iPad Air 2, as well as an IGZO display, fast-charging support, and possibly a stylus. Apple has generally opposed including styluses with its devices, but the company may want to increase the appeal of the Pro to artists and business professionals needing to do precise sketches and illustrations.

It's still unclear when the tablet might ship. Apple traditionally launches new iPads in the fall however, in which case the Pro might adopt an anticipated A9 or A9X processor.