Apple Watch tips: Jump to last task, delete watch faces, organize glances and more

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The Apple Watch's user interface is unlike any that has made before, and there are more than a few tricks to using it efficiently. AppleInsider shows you how to quickly jump to your last task, delete watch faces, organize your glances, and remove third-party apps.

Jump to your last task from the watch face

By default, the Apple Watch will return to the watch face after 30 seconds of inactivity. There are some exceptions — such as tracking a workout — and you can change the default behavior in Settings → Activate on Wrist Raise → Resume To, but there's also a quick shortcut to jump back to your last app.

Starting from the watch face, just double-press the Digital Crown, the same way you would double-click the iPhone home button to access the multitasking menu. Double-pressing again will jump back to the watch face.

It's worth noting that this feature will actually let you switch between any two Watch apps.

Delete a watch face

You can delete any watch face in much the same way that you manually quit apps on the iPhone. Use Force Touch to access the face selector, then swipe up on a face —  tap the trash can icon that appears afterward to delete the face.

Organize your Glances

The Apple Watch's glances are useful, but if there are some that you don't use or benefit from, they can be disabled and reordered through the Apple Watch companion app on iOS. Open the app, then navigate to the Glances section.

From here, you can manage Glances just like you manage Notification Center widgets. Grabbing the handle on the right allows them to be re-ordered, while tapping the plus or minus icons allows you to add or remove Glances, respectively.

Remove third-party apps

To remove an unwanted third-party app from the Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown to return to the Watch home screen. Tap-and-hold on any app until the icons begin to shake, then tap on the app you want to remove —  it's the same process as the iPhone.

Note that you don't need to tap the tiny X in the corner; tapping on the icon itself is sufficient, and will prompt a dialog asking you to confirm that you want to delete the app.

You can also remove apps using the Apple Watch iOS app. Open the app, then choose the third-party app you want to remove, and slide "Show App on Apple Watch" to the off position.


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