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eBay arrives on Apple Watch, Google Maps for iOS gets pushed locations

eBay on Tuesday released its first app for Apple Watch, while Google Maps for iOS updated with the ability to receive locations pushed from the desktop.

eBay for Apple Watch

Built into the company's iPhone app, the eBay Watch interface primarily tracks ongoing auctions. Accordingly, it's divided into four different sections: Activity, Watching, Buying, and Selling. Each one offers relevant auction details such as photos, time left, and current bidding prices. The Selling section adds a 30-day revenue chart, and lets users reply to messages. Buyers can make quick bids on existing auctions.

Activity is used to highlight the most important information, such as alerts about being outbid or items that need to be shipped. All four sections have Glance summaries.

The iPhone app has also been updated with things like better iPhone 6/6 Plus support, a 1Password extension, and the option to donate to charity when listing an item in the U.S. or UK. It's a free download, and requires iOS 7.0.

Google Maps for iOS

After toggling the option on via the app's Settings menu, Google Maps users can push a location to an iPhone or iPad from a "Send to Device" link in the Maps Web interface. Opening a notification will jump directly to the given address. Only devices which have notifications on will appear as options after clicking Send to Device.

Maps has also been improved with the ability to add or edit business hours, and view reviews and photos via the Your Places profile. The iOS app is free and runs on any device with iOS 7.0 or later.