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Apple's Beats by Dre support team debuts native Twitter videos

On Monday, Apple's Beats by Dre began publishing product instruction videos directly to its customer support Twitter account, inserting brand awareness and outreach options directly into users' chosen social media streams.

As noted by Fortune, the new Twitter video campaign is unique among consumer electronics brands in that most companies endeavor to dictate when and where they interact with customers, rather than proactively seeking them out. The strategy is true even for firms well established in the social media space, like Beats.

As for Beats' first video, the support content was initially published as a GIF dealing with the pairing process for a pair of Powerbeats2 Wireless headphones. A longer, higher quality native video covering the same subject appeared a few hours later and has since been pinned.

While not directly advertising its ownership of Beats, Apple took the opportunity to squeeze in a few product placements by illustrating the pairing process with both an iPad and Apple Watch. MacBook Pro also makes a guest appearance in the short 30-second video, while iPhone is shown in a photo link leading to a corresponding Support Pages document.

Apple appears to be testing the social media waters with its Beats brand, which already enjoyed a strong following prior to its $3 billion acquisition last year. Aside from Beats by Dre Support, Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio Twitter account dabbles with native video content from time to time.

If the strategy gains traction, Apple could conceivably roll out native multimedia content to its other Twitter assets or introduce a flagship page with secondary customer support accounts, a theme common among tech and Internet services companies.