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Fully assembled 'iPhone 6s' display purportedly shown off in new photos

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A set of photos published to the Web on Saturday supposedly show an assembled next-generation iPhone display, potentially offering a first look at Apple's rumored Force Touch implementation.

Adding to the trickle of supposed parts leaks, today's trio of photos posted to the Weibo account of Chinese repair firm GeekBar show front and back views of a display unit reportedly bound for Apple's "iPhone 6s" handset. Previously, a series of pictures supposedly revealed an iPhone 6s front panel without LCD components.

Compared to current iPhone 6 models, the part shown off in today's images appears to incorporate the same rounded glass edges and general shape, with no change to ear speaker or camera positioning. On the back, the LCD module and other internals are obscured by the usual protective metal shielding, though a few differences stand out.

The most obvious change is an off-center rectangular cutout located toward the top of the screen. An unknown component can be seen poking through, though its exact purpose cannot be determined due to moderately low image quality. Extrapolating its position in respect to iPhone's expected logic board and battery layout suggests the part could be a grounding insert.

Also, the alleged iPhone 6s shielding itself appears to be riveted on all four sides, a major departure from existing iPhone display backings which are held on by screws and clips. While mere conjecture, these black dots could potentially be related to Force Touch technology, a feature rumored for inclusion on Apple's next-gen phone. The most recent reports claim suppliers are just now ramping up manufacturing for the pressure-sensitive components.

Apple is widely expected to release its next-generation iPhone models at a special event this fall. A report last week claimed Apple's hotly anticipated Apple TV revamp would debut at the same event.