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TestFlight gets support for iOS 9 features, improved notification options

Apple on Wednesday updated its TestFlight beta-testing app with support for various iOS 9 features, while also giving users more control over incoming notifications.

Developers can now use TestFlight to evaluate features like watchOS 2 apps and iOS app thinning, Apple said. App thinning installs just the minimum amount of data needed on a particular device, which can theoretically save bandwidth and storage space.

watchOS 2 beta apps will install to a tester's iPhone automatically, Apple noted, if the "Automatic Downloads" option is on within the Apple Watch iPhone app.

TestFlight has also been updated with more granular control over notifications, which can be set on a per-app basis. Users can choose push notifications, emails, both, or neither.

iOS 9 and watchOS 2 are still in beta, and not due to launch until sometime this fall. As Apple approaches the release of the updates though, it will become essential for developers to have ironed out major bugs.