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iOS code suggests 'iPhone 6s' will feature Force Touch technology

Source: Hamza Sood via Twitter

Code discovered in a recent iOS build suggests Apple is testing implementations of pressure-sensitive Force Touch gesture technology in its next-generation smartphone hardware, anticipated to launch in the coming weeks.

Developer Hamza Sood, who has a track record of uncovering unannounced features hidden within Apple source code, was able to generate pseudo code that appears to enable deep press trackpad gestures for selecting UI text. It is thought that such capabilities will be borne out through Force Touch hardware on upcoming "iPhone 6s" models.

"Some force touch code in iOS. Looks like they've tested kb trackpad gestures on the 6s, activated via force touch," Sood said in a Tweet on Wednesday.

AppleInsider first received word of Apple's plans to proliferate Force Touch to iOS devices in February, with sources saying this year's iPhone variants will sport the pressure-sensitive input mechanism debuted on Apple Watch. Apple has since integrated Force Touch into its MacBook product line, including the latest MacBook Pros and 12-inch MacBook with Retina display.

Recent rumors suggest Apple suppliers started ramping up iPhone 6s Force Touch module production in July ahead of a fall release. Aside from Force Touch, the forthcoming handset is expected to include an all-new A9 system-on-chip, a chassis made from 7000 series aluminum, enhanced camera hardware, integrated Qualcomm transceiver and more.

Apple is widely expected to announce a refreshed iPhone lineup alongside new Apple TV hardware at a special event in September.