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Gazelle paying up to $480 cash for old iPhone trade-ins; vows to beat Apple, carrier offers until Sept 9th

If you plan to purchase an iPhone 6s later this month, now's the time to help fund that upgrade by making plans to trade in your existing iPhone before its value plummets. And for the next 7 days, Gazelle is offering up to $480 cash for old iPhones alongside a guarantee to beat any competitive offer from Apple or its big four US wireless partners.

Gazelle, the industry's leading electronics buyback service, helps consumers quickly turn their old iPhones & iPads into cash without the hassle of managing an eBay auction or braving the craigslist handoff on a seedy corner of town (instructions below).

Best Price Guarantee on iPhone 5s, 6, & 6 plus

Between now and September 9th only, the company is running a Best Price Guarantee that not only offers up to $481 cash for old iPhones, but a promise to beat any competitive trade-in offer from Apple or its four big iPhone wireless carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint), even though those companies offer trade-in values in the form of credit while Gazelle pays cash.

Why Now is the Time to Lock In a Payout Offer

The week leading up to this year's iPhone 6s introduction is also key to reaping the most cash for your old phone. Last year, for example, iPhone 5s trade-in payouts fell roughly 15% in the two weeks surrounding the announcement of the iPhone 6 and then dipped an additional 15% in the 3 weeks following the actual launch (see chart above). This historical pricing trend is expected to play out similarly this year.

How Much Will I Get?

These are the iPhone models for which Gazelle is paying the most.

As of press time, Gazelle was paying $461 for a 64GB iPhone 6 Plus (Verizon), $311 for a 64GB iPhone 6 (AT&T), and around $160 for most 64GB iPhone 5s models in "Good" condition. Unlocked iPhones, those in "Perfect" condition, or models with higher capacity often pay out a bit more while those with less storage or broken parts typically pay out the least. You can see Gazelle's current payout rates in the table below (or every day in our iPhone & iPad Trade-in Payout Guide).

How to Trade In Your iPhone for Cash in Minutes

Step 1: To begin the process, identify your current iPhone from Gazelle's website (by selecting your model, carrier and capacity) and then quickly assess its condition — broken, good, or flawless. Gazelle will then spit out the amount of money its willing to pay you in cash for your device in its current condition. Click the orange "Get Paid" button to continue.

Lock in a cash offer for your iPhone 5S now

Step 2: You'll then be asked to log into your Gazelle account (if you have one) or quickly create one (with just an email, name & password). You can then select how you prefer to be paid: by PayPal, check, or in the form of an Amazon Gift Card. Alternatively, you can donate the proceeds from the sale of your iPhone to a charity of your choice.

Gazelle Trade-in Boxes

Step 3: Gazelle will then ask for your address so it can send you a pre-paid shipping box that you can use to send in your iPhone when you're ready. Alternatively, you can choose to have Gazelle email you a pre-paid shipping label and you can affix it to your own box.

Step 4: Within days, the pre-paid shipping box will show up on your doorstep. Simply place your old device in the box within 30 days of when you locked in your trade-in price and send it off to Gazelle. (You don't need to send in any chords or power plugs, just the device itself.)

Gazelle Trade-in Boxes

Once your device is received, Gazelle will completely wipe the personal data off your phone (if you haven't already) and then return it to its original factory settings. It will then pay you via Paypal, email (for an Amazon Gift Card), or issue a check for the cash value of the device you lock in today.

Step 5: If at any point before September 9th you find a better trade-in offer from Apple or one of the big four wireless carriers, simply send an email to Gazelle at [email protected] from the email account account tied to your Gazelle account with reasonable proof of the better off and they will beat that offer in cash by at least $1. However, you must have already locked in a trade-in offer with Gazelle prior to seeking a price match.

Gazelle's buyback offers in recent years has become an increasingly popular way consumers to afford upgrading each year to Apple's latest handset by offsetting the cost of those new devices with the cash they make from selling their old iPhones during peak buyback season.

Still, a study published last year found that iPhone upgraders as a whole were still leaving nearly $13.5 billion worth of devices in dresser drawers to collect dust.

Like iPhones, Gazelle also pays out hundreds for your old iPads and MacBooks. It also sells certified, contract-free & unlocked, pre-used iPhones at up to 40% discounts to buying new.