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iTunes Match uploads raised to promised 100K song limit, accounts suggest

The upload limit for iTunes Match may have finally been raised to 100,000 songs, as Apple originally promised in June, some users are beginning to report.

Accounts of the change first emerged on Reddit earlier on Monday. Apple has not yet updated its official documentation, which could mean that the new limit is rolling out gradually or prematurely.

Until now the upload limit was 25,000 songs. While enough for many iTunes users, people with larger collections were previously forced to avoid Match or find workarounds, like using multiple libraries.

In late June Apple's SVP for Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, said on Twitter that that the company was "working to get to 100k for iOS 9." When iOS 9 shipped on Sept. 16 however, people discovered that the 25,000-song cap was still in place.

iTunes Match exists in a unique space in Apple's online services, since some of the same functions have been duplicated in Apple Music, including uploads for remote play. With Apple Music, though, matched tracks can only be played while a subscription is active, and will disappear from secondary devices afterward.