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Microsoft ships subscription-free version of Office 2016 for Mac [u]

Microsoft on Tuesday launched standalone editions of Office 2016 for Mac for people who don't want or need an Office 365 subscription, which costs at least $7 per month or $70 per year.

The Home & Student edition costs a one-time fee of $150, and limits users to one Mac and 15 gigabytes of OneDrive cloud storage, versus the 1 terabyte assigned to 365 subscribers. Users can't fully unlock the mobile version of Office, and lack other perks like free tech support and Skype minutes.

A Home & Business edition costs $230. The only difference is the inclusion of Outlook.

For Office 2016 for Mac, Microsoft redesigned its apps with new interfaces in line with its flagship Windows software. Some features are still missing on the Mac, such as Quick Analysis in Excel.

The company released a Mac suite for Office 365 subscribers back in July. At the time it promised only that standalone software would ship sometime in September, leaving out pricing or what would be included.

Update: The article has been updated with information about the Home & Business edition.