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iOS 9 tips: Apple makes it easier than ever to request a desktop site in Safari

Users beta testing iOS 9 can access a new, somewhat hidden feature in the mobile Safari browser, making it easier than ever to request the desktop version of a site when browsing on an iPhone or iPad.

Anyone testing the latest iOS 9 beta can find the new quick link to request desktop site by simply tapping and holding on the refresh icon in Safari. This is located to the right of the current URL in the search/address bar.

After pressing and holding on the refresh button, Safari will bring up a prompt asking the user if they want to request a desktop version of the site, or cancel that request.

In iOS 8, users must tap the URL bar and then scroll down to reveal a hidden link to request a desktop site. This new method, while not readily apparent, is a quicker way of accomplishing this.

Another somewhat hidden feature in the iOS 9 browser is the ability to reopen recently closed tabs in Safari. Users can invoke this menu by pressing and holding the plus button when in the tabs view in the mobile browser.