Apple at work on first-party Apple Watch dock with Nightstand support [u]

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Months after the Apple Watch's debut, Apple is finally at work on an official charging dock for the device, a leak revealed on Tuesday [updated with images of the product].

The product will be disc-shaped and known as the "Magnetic Charging Dock," a source informed French site igeneration on Tuesday. A shared packaging photo indicates that Watches will be able to lay either flat or on their side — the latter is particularly important, since it enables watchOS 2's Nightstand mode.

The dock should come with a bundled Lightning cable, but not an AC adapter needed to plug the device into a wall outlet. Pricing should be 89 euros or about $95, though local U.S. pricing will likely be cheaper.

The source didn't mention a release date, but a price and finished packaging may suggest that a launch is imminent.

Update: New images from German site show the anticipated product in action with an Apple Watch. They are included below.

Numerous third-party Watch docks have been available since the wearable first shipped last April, but Apple itself has stuck to providing a basic charging cable. Many of those third-party options are vertically-built, preventing the use of Nightstand, and require that owners thread Apple's cable through them to make them work.