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Apple to host free 'Hour of Code' workshops for kids on Dec. 10, connected events Dec. 7-12

Apple is once again participating in's annual "Hour of Code" efforts, and will host an hour-long intro to computer programming for kids at Apple Stores this Dec. 10.

Parents can register children aged 6 or older by visting their local Apple Store's webpage. Available timeslots will vary depending on the outlet.

The company is also planning to host six all-ages events between the 7th and the 12th, at Apple Stores in New York City, Chicago, Tokyo, Sydney, Brussels, and San Francisco. Though related to computer science, most of the events won't have a workshop element. New York City, for instance, will feature CEO Hadi Partovi discussing the importance of computer science education, while Sydney will offer a presentation by Crossy Road developer Andy Sum. is a non-profit specializing in tools for teaching and learning programming. The Hour of Code initiative has the support of a number of other corporate partners, such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

Apple now has relatively close ties with In addition to workshops, the organization was also chosen to be eligible for scholarships to June's Worldwide Developers Conference.