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Ginza Apple Store calls off promotional event in wake of bomb threat

The Ginza Apple Store in Tokyo was forced to cancel an event on Sunday following the delivery of an anonymous letter, which threatened a bombing unless the event was called off.

The event was due to start at 2 in the afternoon and feature guests such as director Isao Yukisada, the Japan Times said on Monday. The store received the letter around 11 a.m. however, after which Apple not only cancelled the event but shuttered the store for an hour and called police.

A search of the outlet didn't find any explosives. Local police are continuing their investigation under the assumption it was a deliberate obstruction of business.

The Ginza store held another event today as part of Apple's Hour of Code series. The speaker was LoiLo CEO Koji Sugiyama, who spoke about his company's educational apps for kids.

Threats are a fairly rare occurrence at Apple Stores, despite the size and international reach of the chain. The company is usually quick to close shops at the first hint of danger to shoppers.