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Pixelmator gains Apple Pencil, 3D Touch support in latest update

Popular iOS image editor Pixelmator was updated on Thursday to support Apple's latest hardware, including iPad Pro optimization with full Apple Pencil compatibility and 3D Touch integration for iPhone 6s.

With only a few high quality image editing apps offering initial support for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, the release of Pixelmator for iOS 2.2 comes as a welcome addition to the App Store lineup.

Like Apple's own Notes app, Pixelmator takes full advantage of the new drawing implement, with support for pressure sensitivity, tilt, acceleration, palm rejection and low latency input. The app also comes with more than 50 custom brushes to choose from, including a new "Pixel brush" that lets painters create retro style graphics.

For iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Pixelmator offers 3D Touch support for home screen Quick Actions and in-app Peek and Pop functions for image previewing, sharing and other file management duties. 3D Touch is also implemented as a pressure-sensitive finger painting tool, meaning artists can intuitively change stroke weight without digging into brush settings.

Other additions include support for 16K documents up to 100 megapixels in size, crop and straighten enhancements, the ability to adjust font sizes up to 1,000 pixels and various bug fixes.

Pixelmator for iOS comes in at $4.99 from the iOS App Store, or as a free update for existing users.