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Google launches dedicated AdWords app for iOS

Even as Apple's iAd prepares to sunset, Google has launched a long-awaited iOS app for AdWords —not just AdWords Express —giving people running campaigns through the service a more convenient way of monitoring and managing them.

The centerpiece of the app is the Home screen, where people can see a quick summary of figures like clicks and impressions, along with trends over time. Users can customize which data appears and in what order.

Management tools let users start or halt a campaign, adjust daily budgets, and control bids for ad groups or keywords. Other tabs offer billing information, as well as suggestions on how to improve a campaign's performance.

The app will also trigger notifications about important events, such as a campaign stopping because of insufficient funds. If a person needs help another tab offers quick links for calling or emailing Google, or else finding support documents.

AdWords is a free download and runs on any device with iOS 7 or later. An Android version is also available.

iAd was meant to compete with services like AdWords, but was beset with obstacles from the start. At first Apple demanded a $1 million minimum buy, also insisting on close control. The company relented over time, reducing buy-in to as little as $50 in some cases, but still faced problems like iOS exclusivity and Google's entrenched position in the mobile ad world.

Although iAd will continue to exist in the near future, Apple recently decided to kill the iAd App Network and eliminate a number of sales jobs. It may eventually turn iAd into little more than an automated service.