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'The Trace,' Sega's 'Sonic' series come to Apple TV's tvOS App Store

Two popular games from other platforms —"The Trace" and "Sonic the Hedgehog" —launched for the fourth-generation Apple TV on Thursday, with Sega promising that more Sonic titles would be making the trip shortly.

Sonic the Hedgehog costs $2.99 at the tvOS App Store, and is essentially a port of the iOS title launched several years ago, itself based on the original Sega Genesis game. It has, however, been optimized for the Apple TV, and supports the touch controls of the fourth-gen set-top's Siri Remote, as well as certified Made for Apple TV controllers.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will arrive on the Apple TV March 24, while Sonic CD will show up on March 31.

Developer Relentless Software has meanwhile released an Apple TV version of The Trace, previously popular as an iOS game. Players become a detective investigating a suspected murder, inspecting 3D crime scenes and solving puzzles in story-based gameplay.

Like Sonic, The Trace has been optimized for the Apple TV and the Siri Remote's touch controls.

For launch the game is priced at $1.99, half off its regular price. Relentless didn't say when it might jump to full cost.