Apple, Google workers among top donors to Bernie Sanders campaign

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Google and Apple are among the most common employers of people donating to the campaign of Bernie Sanders, who's vying against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

Workers associated with Alphabet — Google's parent company — have donated the most money so far, over $250,000, according to Federal Elections Commission data shared by OpenSecrets. Apple is fourth on the list, with over $85,000 in individual contributions.

Second and third place belong to the University of California and Microsoft, respectively. Technology companies have a strong presence on the list overall, some others in the top 15 being Amazon, Intel, and Cisco. People employed with universities or the government/military also ranked high.

Clinton, in contrast, is backed mainly by donors linked to the finance industry and labor unions, at the top being Soros Fund Management with more than $7 million. The Sanders campaign has often prided itself on staying distant from the finance industry.

OpenSecrets didn't suggest why Sanders would have strong tech support, but Apple as an institution has adopted many left-leaning stances, at least on social and environmental issues. The company often supports LGBT and racial diversity causes for instance, and is working towards making its operations and supply chain powered by renewable energy.

Sanders has been critical of Apple in the past, arguing that the company should offshore fewer manufacturing jobs and stop funneling revenue through Ireland to avoid paying normal taxes.


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