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Tor Myhren officially starts as Apple's new VP of Marketing Communications

Months after the hiring was announced, Apple on Friday officially instituted Tor Myhren as the company's new VP of Marketing Communications, replacing Hiroki Asai, a now-retired 18-year veteran with the company.

Myhren will be responsible for advertising, the company's internet presence, and packaging design, according to his newly-uploaded profile. Given the importance of the position, he will be reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook.

Myhren is a well-known figure in the ad industry, having previously held several high-level positions with the multinational giant Grey Group. In the two years prior to signing with Apple, he served as the company's worldwide chief creative officer.

A number of famous ad campaigns are linked to Myhren, such as E*Trade's talking baby, Oprah Winfrey's car giveaway, and "shock" ads like a Super Bowl spot for the NFL, promoting the league's stance against domestic abuse.

Although Myhren is unlikely to make use of any shock tactics at Apple, his appointment could sway the direction of the company's marketing, which has already drifted from a focus on products to "lifestyle" branding, putting special emphasis on celebrity endorsements from people like Drake and Taylor Swift.