Dish Network ventures from satellite TV to iPhone repair with new fixit service

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In a surprise move, Dish — known for its satellite television business — on Tuesday announced an iPhone repair service, allowing people in the U.S. to have a technician come out to their location and fix their phone's screen or battery.

The company is charging a minimum $35 "Drive to Me" fee, after which costs vary between about $40 and $190 depending the iPhone model and exact services needed. While a battery replacement costs a flat $74.99 — Drive to Me included — total costs can rise as high as $224.98 for someone getting both the screen and battery fixed on an iPhone 6 Plus.

Currently, only the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus are supported, not SE or 6s models. More devices are due to be supported sometime in "coming months," Dish said.

Dish's fees may be higher than some other repair options, but they can potentially be cheaper than what Apple charges, particularly without AppleCare+ accident coverage.

It's not clear why Dish would venture into smartphone repairs. The smartphone industry is a lucrative one however, whereas cable and satellite TV are on the decline, precipitated by people choosing internet services like Netflix, Sling, and/or HBO Now.