Updated ambient light, proximity sensors in 'iPhone 7' prohibit use of legacy cases

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Unlike past tick-tock iPhone refresh cycles, Apple's upcoming "iPhone 7" is expected to feature a design largely similar to the current iPhone 6 series, but internal component changes like a "dual specification" ambient light sensor could render existing cases and protective films incompatible.

In preparation of the coming design tweaks, manufacturers of LCD protection films are no longer accepting orders through Alibaba, reports Mac Otakara. A number of firms are peddling "iPhone 7" wares through the e-commerce giant, though it is unclear if the products are based on leaked schematics, inside information or, perhaps more likely, guesswork.

As for the minor design adjustments, the report claims Apple is updating iPhone's proximity sensor to a "dual specification" format that assumedly breaks out emitter and receiver components into two distinct receptacles. Alternatively, Apple might be looking to employ two separate proximity sensor packages for faster and more accurate readings.

Further changes include a repositioning of the ambient light sensor from the left side of the ear speaker to the right. The report mentions a "slightly longer receiver," though it is unclear as to what part the claim is referencing. Mac Otakara was unable to offer additional insight when reached for clarification, though it can be speculated that "receiver" and ear speaker are one in the same.

Finally, the "iPhone 7" chassis is expected to make room for iterative technology updates, the most apparent being a larger rear-facing iSight camera lens on the 4.7-inch version and a dual-camera array on the larger 5.5-inch model.

The new information lines up with a Wall Street Journal report published on Tuesday claiming Apple skipped a major design revamp as it awaits technological advancements.